The past few days have been fun and boring. Monday an Wednesday I had state testing math and ela . Xena has gotten bigger shes now up to my belly and to the top of the counter eating our food. In wow I got four pieces of pvp gear pvp means player vs player. We planted a watermelon in our garden and not even over an hour later some walked over it. This morning I got like four k12 lessons done right away.

LIFE#2 save me

The past two days were funny. MY friend Matt got a new kitten my puppy Xena got a little bigger she’s really good at barking strangers away to. My sister Lillian looks funny and  creepy as always. Oh!!!!!! and my brother haven his pants fell down when we were getting my sister from school. My brother Alex he’s only a year old is funny and cute as always. I played wow a little more and beat people in duels.(if you play wow leave a comment below of what you think.) My peas and broccoli also my bees friend got a little bigger in the garden.



Today was a fun day. I got woken up by my brother who’s four years old he climbed to the top of my bunk bed and jumped on me saying David wake up David wake up over and over again. Then I said just go away he left and then I fell asleep again!!. After my parents took my siblings to school I got started on school work. I had a break and played my favorite game world of war craft or known as wow. After that I took my dog Xena for a walk she’s a German Shepard and Pyrenees mixed she’s 4 months old and already able to reach the counter tops. As i am writing this I have my baby brother Alex crawling all over me.